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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Secret, Intentions, and Synchronicities

In 2006 Rhonda Brynes published The Secret. The concepts I'd learned in the 1970's were back and a new generation of people were introduced to the power of their minds, the power of their Intentions, the power to manifest their dreams and desires.

Over the years I'd fallen out of practice in using those 'tools' I'd learned in Lifespring. The Secret gave me the opportunity to reconnect with what I knew worked. I'd been in a motor vehicle accident in 204 and the time had come to settle with the insurance companies. I used the framework Brynes lists in her book to write out what it was I wanted to occur during mediation. At least twice a day I followed the process and focused on what I wanted.

At the end of mediation, if all the concessions were added together, I was less than $5K from the figure I'd envisioned. The process was relatively effortless which was something else I'd asked for. How did that happen? Synchronicity. While Intentions and Synchronicities do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, they do compliment each other.

What was synchronistic was the mediator had had a similar medical issue to what I was experiencing as a result of the accident. Neither my attorneys nor I had to explain the effect those symptoms had on my daily life. He knew, he'd been there himself.

Do you look for synchronicities to support your intentions? I'd like to hear your story so please feel free to comment.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Being Present

One of the main reasons I take five to ten minutes each morning, quiet my thoughts and body, and focus my awareness on my Intentions and the Intentions I hold for others, is that process brings me fully into 'the present'.

Being in the present, in the now is easier said than done as we live much of our lives in the past or the future. My need to live in the future is based on the myth that if I plan the future and know what is supposed to happen, then I'll be okay, safe, happy, peaceful, all right, etc. A reality is that the time I spend looking forward to what will be, I'm missing where I am and what is.

While our brains are wonderful things, they can only be one place at a time. When I'm thinking about the future or agonizing over something in the past, I'm missing out on what is happening right now. It may be the way the sun plays on the leaves in the tree outside my window, the beauty of the sunset, a neighbor saying 'hi', a child's smile and wave from a passing car; something simple or something complex. I don't know because I missed it, I wasn't here.

Our brains are complex. We can train them to do some things automatically so that they do something consciously. If you drive a car with a 'stick shift' you reach a point where you just 'know' and shift and you aren't paying much attention to those actions. When we are children and first learning to walk, we concentrate on every step; as adults we walk while looking at grocery shelves, talking to a friend, admiring a neighbors yard. However, to be successful in training our brains, in training ourselves, we must be 'present' during the training process.

Due to the accident I mentioned last week, I'm back in physical therapy. My appointment this morning points out that lesson. I'm having to learn simple movements again. Today my assignment was to step back and forth over a 2 X 4 board while counting backwards from 20. I got to 18, was unstable on my feet, and felt tears of frustration. It is very hard for me to do.

Tomorrow, I'll start my day in the present. I'll state my Intentions which will include "Counting backwards from twenty, while stepping over the 2 X 4 is easy and effortless for me."

Does that mean I'll not stumble, stagger, or lose track of the numbers? How I wish! The reality is that I will stumble, stagger, and lose track of the numbers but my level of frustration will be much less because I'll stop, pause, be in the present, repeat my Intention, and try again.

My Intention is to safely, easily and effortlessly master this exercise. If I keep my focus on that, if I stay in the present, I will succeed more quickly than if I believe it's too hard and I have to struggle. I don't mind stumbling and staggering as I relearn to 'walk and talk' at the same time again. I do mind struggling, making it harder and more difficult than it has to be.

Easy and effortless, joy and happiness, grace and gratitude, confidence and certainty are hallmarks of my life today.

How do you want to live your life? What is your Intention? Do you want to live a life of peace, a life of adventure, a life of productivity, a life of _________?

Please share your thoughts. I'd like to know how you use these ideas.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Intention and an Easy, Effortless Life

I have a list of Intentions I focus on at the beginning of each day. I've been diligent (only missed one) since I started January 27th, 2010. And even on that day though I did not sit and read and ponder each statement, the ideas swirled through me as I sat at my computer working on my current novel.

My Intentions include words like 'easy' and 'effortlessly'. I've lived over half of my life from the point of view that if I work harder I'll have better results, I'll get ahead faster, I'll produce more, I'll make more money. This view of the world is a kindred spirit of 'no pain, no gain'.

The term 'hard work' is often associated with long hours, pushing through, getting it done which are not necessarily bad but when there is a heaviness, a 'have to' mind set that creates stress, then the joy of the work is lost. Think about the time you were engrossed in a project and the time just flew by. That is what living a life with ease and effortlessness is about.

At this point I want to have it all. I want a life of love, joy, happiness. I want to be productive, writing and publishing my novels. I want time to be with friends and family. And then there is the reality of working until my income from writing increases. With only twenty-four hours in a day, how does that come about? How do I have a life of effortlessness and ease and have all that, do all that?

Shifting my belief that life has to be hard to be good, that I have to struggle to be successful is my starting point. Since I've started my daily Intention work my life is easier, more effortless. I find myself leaving late for an appointment but arriving on time. I find ideas flow into my mind when I relax. I find people who are blessings to me show up without my having to search for them.

The experiment I'm committed to for at least a year is to see how easily and effortlessly I can live my life. How little effort it actually takes to have what I want if I'm clear about and focused on what I want (Intention). To be open to and aware of the world around me and the Synchronicities that support my goals, dreams, and desires.

I'd love to have you join me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More thoughts on vibrations

Where do you feel most connected to the energy around you? Some people swear it is by water, the ocean or waterfalls in particular. Others, find a mountain top their source.

Since we are energy, it is possible to be connected at any time, in any place. Do you have a place where you shift your focus and align with the energy forces around you?

Mornings I sit on my couch, facing south, looking out a small window next to my fireplace. The view includes the top of a tree that has morphed into the shape of a bird. My gaze passes through a selenite sphere and a glass ball I made myself. When the sun shines, the sphere becomes a glowing orb of fractures and compartments, drawing me into its mystery.

Where do you most often see energy? The aura of another living being. I was recently at writer's conference and watched one of the key speakers stride in front of his audience, conviction in his voice, his golden aura pulsing. His passion for his subject drew energy from his depths and from the audience around him.

Where do you most often feel the energy inside you expand and grow, reach beyond yourself to include the world around you? What are you doing when caught up in the passion of life? Figure that out and then concentrate your Intention to replicate that sense of connectedness to the source.

It can be done.