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Monday, August 30, 2010

Finding a gem in my TBR pile.

Have you ever bought a book thinking you were going to read it and then find it untouched weeks or months (perhaps even years later). Hopefully I'm not alone in this.

Taking a break from my general reading material (historical and contemporary romances) I turned to a book on my ToBeRead shelf---The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. The sub-title is "How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference". I'm about a fifth of the way through and am looking forward to reading more on 'word of mouth' and what 'stickiness' is...or more to the point, how to create 'stickiness' in my work. As I understand it, 'stickiness' is what makes us remember the slogan, ditty, book and tell our friends about it.

If I learn something about those little things that make a big difference and how to create stickiness, I believe it will add to my goal of my life being easier and effortless and containing more days of joy and happiness.

Did you know that two men rode out to warn the colonials about the British coming to Lexington and Concord? Why do we only remember Paul Revere? Check out Mr. Gladwell's website, read the book and learn the answers.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pathways of Life

One of the most difficult lessons I've had to learn in my life is that not only do I have my own life's path to live but those that I love and hold dear also have theirs. The challenge for me is when their path includes rocks, boulders, detours, slides, pot holes - well, you get the picture. It is easy to support someone when their life is going well or has a bump or two along the way but when a major sink hole or road block occurs then what.

My natural inclination is to charge in to 'help'. I'm very good at organizing, making appointments, arranging transportation, finding resources. And then advice...I want you all to know that the world would be a better place if it just followed my words of wisdom.
So finding myself in the place where there is nothing I can really do to make things better, to fix things has been a challenge. To see people I love face terrifying challenges and know that the best I can do is be their friend, listen when they need to talk, remind them of what they do have control over, send them unconditional love, keep them in healing light and prayers and know in my heart that it is all I need to do.

They are on their own path and it is not mine. I bear witness to their journey and keep to my own path, keep on my own life's journey, grateful for those times our journey is on the same path.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Path to Change

I've been committed to focusing the power of my Intentions toward my life being easy and effortless and full of joy and happiness. Each day since the latter part of January I've started my day listing what I want my life to be like and 'holding energy' for the Intentions of others. Many times I've felt the shift that comes from the process and seen what I want manifest beyond my dreams.

As I wrote last week, I've also had Intentions not manifest and, in fact, appear to go in the opposite direction. In my last blog, I talked about how I'd taken that reality and turned it into an opportunity to learn something about myself. That worked well and I came through the experience having a better perspective on what I want in my life.

This week I'm writing a few words about what happens when things don't work out and you can't find something that makes the experience worthwhile. Or at least not easily.

How far do I twist and turn my thinking to find something positive in a negative situation?
How long do I search for an answer that brings peace, hope, a smile?
When do I decide to give up?

These are my questions to myself. These are the questions that need answers. These questions hold my feet to the proverbial fire until I either find my path or stay mired.

Sharing our process in sorting through life's challenges is a gift we can pass on. I hope you use this blog as a means to share yours.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Into The Vortex

Guest blog by Gimi Garcia now that we have the technical issues worked out.

When a healer once asked me to visualize a time when I was very happy and feel that all over again, my mind blinked right back to our family's dining room, slightly shadowed from the summer sun by the bougainvilleas outside the windows. The comforting hum and damp, cool odor of the water cooler moved in the air. Center frame was my hand-me-down sewing machine on the old heavy wood dining table, and me at it, long hair braided and out of the way, wearing the short, fluorescent orange and pink horizontally striped dress, that was cut like a long tank top, and came to be known as my 'sewing shift' because I wore it any time I sewed, as I could whip it off quickly in one movement to try on and fit my latest creation. I was 17 years-old this remembered cay, making a wardrobe for my senior year, but it could have been any of a hundred days of my adolescence, when I was alone at my cutting table and sewing machine, and probably alone in the house while my parents worked, with a glass of ice tea next to me and snips of thread and scraps of patterns and fabric on the floor till I swept up at the end of my day.
My sewing machine was freshly oiled as my grandma taught me and it was singing as I stitched flat fabric pieces that would be unrecognizable to the non-seamstress or tailor into beautiful curved and fitted garments. I was blissfully happy combining textures and colors, and modifying store-bought patterns to produce garments that were truly my own creation. Time stood still and all my teenage angst had dissipated. Sewing was my best anti-depressant. Sewing was my best mind-altering drug. It was a Summer day in 1968 and I was in the Vortex.

Abraham via Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships), urge us to get in the Vortex, where we are truly co-operative components in the creation of our own reality. The Vortex, as I understand it, is a place of pure positive energy where we participate in the expansion of the universe as we intend, manifest, and receive our desires. I know that I have been in the Vortex thousands, if not millions of times, when I have had moments of pure happiness while creating, experiencing, or remembering. And isn't it interesting how from that place of pure, positive energy more rockets of desire are launched as we experience something that spurs another great idea f something to create or do?

So why I ask myself, do I not spend more time in the Vortex? It's really kind of silly when I think about it because staying out of the Vortex has a lot to do with "doubt", "responsibilities", "work ethic", and some hierarchy of duties that is 100% self-imposed! Here's an example: "Gimi, you can't get int the Vortex yet because you haven't paid your bills!" It's along the lines of, "You can't have fun yet because you haven't done your work!" But getting in the Vortex should be my work! Haven't you heard it said a thousand times, "A child's play is their work?"
When does that change? Who says it has to? Why can't I get in the Vortex and then pay my bills or write my case notes or do the dishes? Of course I can!

My most recent intention is to spend more time in the Vortex. This means raising my vibration of joyful thoughts, feelings, and actions to that place of pure love where I am creating myself and my life as I desire to be, just like that summer day in 1958 when I was riding currents of well-being and bliss to the music of my sewing machine, long before I had ever heard of the Vortex.