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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Path to Change

I've been committed to focusing the power of my Intentions toward my life being easy and effortless and full of joy and happiness. Each day since the latter part of January I've started my day listing what I want my life to be like and 'holding energy' for the Intentions of others. Many times I've felt the shift that comes from the process and seen what I want manifest beyond my dreams.

As I wrote last week, I've also had Intentions not manifest and, in fact, appear to go in the opposite direction. In my last blog, I talked about how I'd taken that reality and turned it into an opportunity to learn something about myself. That worked well and I came through the experience having a better perspective on what I want in my life.

This week I'm writing a few words about what happens when things don't work out and you can't find something that makes the experience worthwhile. Or at least not easily.

How far do I twist and turn my thinking to find something positive in a negative situation?
How long do I search for an answer that brings peace, hope, a smile?
When do I decide to give up?

These are my questions to myself. These are the questions that need answers. These questions hold my feet to the proverbial fire until I either find my path or stay mired.

Sharing our process in sorting through life's challenges is a gift we can pass on. I hope you use this blog as a means to share yours.


Tamera Lynn said...

Sometimes I think a negative situation is just that - a bad situation. One we are meant to move past. One we can later say we lived through. We become who we are because of both the good and the bad things that happen to us. Sometimes the challenge is just to be able to shrug something off.
I'm working on something like that myself, after the loss of a dear friend who also happened to be my boss. My world has changed - the people around me, my loss of a job, even just the change in my daily schedule. I know I can turn it around and find good in it. I just haven't yet. Sometimes it takes more time than others to shed the negative energies that come at us. Like getting superglue on your hands - it might not wash off right away, but it will come off eventually.

Judith Ashley said...

I agree Tamera. There are life experiences over which we have no control other than how we handle them. It is during those life situations that our resilency and our ability to care for ourselves is tested.

I don't know that we shrug off these major life events (I call them the PhD's of Life) but we do survive them, learn from them, and are changed in many ways by them.