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Thursday, March 24, 2016


Apologies? For what you might ask.

This is the second post in March and it is the last one I'll write this month.

I do have an April 4th post scheduled and hope you'll stop back and check it out. Also I have an April 1 post up at I hope you check that one out also.

I've really done so well this year writing almost 8k words on blog posts but March 2016 has been a challenging month so just over 1K words and that includes the two April posts!

According to the Emergency Department doctor I saw (yes, I was that sick), in addition to Influenza A and B, there are nine (9) active virus this year. A friend of mine told me that a client of hers who works in administration at a local hospital said all area hospitals are being slammed this year. They just don't have the beds for the people who need them!

For me, I'm doing traditional and non-traditional healing methods to get myself well. Not only am I tired of being sick, I've a writer's conference and family and friends to see over the next two weeks.
When I get back, my plan is to resume my regular scheduled posting - every Monday and some Wednesdays.

Wish me well!!! Yep, that's another non-traditional healing method!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Portland's Spring Home & Garden Show

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

I’m so glad, when I wrote Monday’s post, I said I’d talk about the Home and Garden Show on Wednesday!

Why? Because I’m so tired – still, and it is Monday afternoon.

However, I had a fantastic time and want to do it again!!!

Why? Because I met some wonderful authors. I met people who were curious about a Book Garden in a Home and Garden trade show. I met other vendors who were helpful.

And, I sold some books!!!  It was so much fun talking to total strangers about what they like to read, steering them to the part of the Book Garden that fit best for them and when they said they liked “romance”? I talked to them about the not just my books but those of the other authors I shared space with. A.J. Downey writes motorcycle romance. She was the only other romance author who was there in person.

The children’s corner (actually from pre-school to young adult) was a hit with young and old readers alike. Susie Slanina was there wearing her Metro, the little dog, t-shirt with an over shirt with Dalmatians. 

Roslyn McFarland, young adult author, was busy not only selling her books but also talking visitors to the Book Garden and acting as Cashier. Her organizational skills, contacts with Bali Furniture for our beautiful display pieces, and just plan positive attitude were a pleasure to work with.

April Bullard had books in the children's/young adult section and the horror thriller sections! I was amazed when she opened her "The Sock Thief" book and while maintaining constant eye-contact with the people in front of her, read word for word - turning the pages where appropriate, several pages. 

Another busy place was Mystery. Courtney Pierce was kept busy talking about her books. Good news that Indigo Lake is coming out soon!!!

Right around the corner from Mystery were the Horror and Thriller sections. Windtree Press author, Pamela Cowan's books were popular. And I met and spent some time visiting with Leigh Goodison when things slowed down.

A great selection of SciFi, Fantasy, Steampunk occupied two sections. It was easy to steer people in that direction because several Northwest authors who write in that genre were available to talk about their books.

There is a Fall 2016 Home and Garden Show and I plan on participating again. Hope to see some of you there!

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