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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Gift of Synchronicity - Part III

I'm looking out into my now treeless backyard. One week from today my Larch D. Diana will arrive. I've done what I can to prepare for her. The corkscrew willow is down, spindly limbs in my yard debris cans, thicker limbs ready to make into yard screens on which to grow flowering climbing plants.

Arrangements have been made for her delivery and planting. She'll arrive on the last day of the installation of my new heat pump and mini-split. By July 1 all will be in place.

Easy and effortlessly.
Intention and synchronicity

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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Gift of Synchronicity Part II

When we are focused on something we want, we attract positive energy. The same is true of what we don’t want. If we are focused on what we don’t want, we attract it.

I have a cork-screw willow in my backyard. It’s as tall as my house; its canopy takes up a goodly portion of my small backyard. When my Aunt Ruth died in 1993, one of the cork-screw willow wands sprouted. My mother planted it in a pot. When she died in 2002, I brought the pot to my house and planted the root-bound tree in my backyard.

This spring it leafed out and looked lovely. I know I’m not the most observant person in the world, but one day it dawned on me that my tree was no longer green! I made calls trying to find out what was wrong and what it would cost to save it. My timing was awful. I missed the first company that came out to check the tree. The note on the door: It needs to be sprayed, call ----.

Thus began over two weeks of calling different companies attempting to get answers on how much it would cost to save my tree. To be fair, it wasn’t all the spraying companies fault. Even though it’s June, our weather has been dismal – lots of rain and spraying in the rain won’t help.
A gift card I’d received in the mail from a local nursery caught my eye: $25.00 off any purchase of $75.00 or more. During this time of attempting to get an estimate on spraying the tree two people who’d been in Landscape Maintenance took a look. “Take it down” was their advice.

Monday I went to the nursery and toured their selection of trees and had discussions about my yard, my needs and most important my wants (not a messy tree that needs constant cleaning up after), I found Larix D. Diana. She is a Larch, a deciduous conifer. Her needles turn orange and red in the fall before dropping. New ones sprout in the spring.

Yes, I purchased her. I’d fallen in love. The Universe was guiding me. One of the heroine’s in The Women’s Circle series is Diana.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Invisible Power of Intention

Have you ever had a thought and then it seemed that the Universe opens up and what you need is suddenly there, in front of you? I’ve had the thought for some time of moving to solar energy for my house but I couldn’t figure out how to heat it without converting to electricity. My Intention was to lessen my footprint on the earth by lowering or eliminating my use of heating oil.

One day I got a Newsletter from a company I’d not done business with in decades. Curious, I glanced through it and lo and behold there was an article on a new ductless heating system that has been in wide use throughout the rest of the world. An inveterate watcher of Home and Garden Network’s House Hunters International I knew exactly what the article was talking about. I’d seen it and heard raves about how efficient this system was.

Before I had a chance to follow through by calling that company, Kevin, the person who services my furnace came by for his annual check-up. We got to talking and I mentioned my Intention and also that I needed someone to service my heat pump. He referred me to another company. I called and Jim came over the same day. Again, I got to talking with him. He knew all about the ductless system (mini-splits). A few days later, Charlie came over to assess my house and discuss options. Going fully with the mini-splits in my 1924 Craftsman-style house would be difficult but there were other options that would lessen my use of heating oil and give me more efficient comfort in either hot or cold weather.

I had the Intention of lessening my foot print on Mother Earth. I didn’t have to do anything overt. Everyone came to me with the information and answers I needed to make my decision.

The Invisible Power of Intention. The Gift of Synchronicity.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like The Phoenix

Like the Phoenix

Intentions and Synchronicities blog was started because I wanted to start a conversation with like-minded people about the power of Intention and the importance of Synchronicity. Just over a year ago I posted my first message. In October I posted my last – until now. In the interim I’ve made some discoveries about Synchronicities and I’ve struggled with my daily Intentions.

Rising from the ashes of neglect, Intentions and Synchronicities is resurrecting itself. I’ve talked to like-minded people who will join me. Although posts will be fewer through June, they will become more regular in July.

My Intention is to post once a week. It is time, I believe, to re-energize this part of my life.