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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like The Phoenix

Like the Phoenix

Intentions and Synchronicities blog was started because I wanted to start a conversation with like-minded people about the power of Intention and the importance of Synchronicity. Just over a year ago I posted my first message. In October I posted my last – until now. In the interim I’ve made some discoveries about Synchronicities and I’ve struggled with my daily Intentions.

Rising from the ashes of neglect, Intentions and Synchronicities is resurrecting itself. I’ve talked to like-minded people who will join me. Although posts will be fewer through June, they will become more regular in July.

My Intention is to post once a week. It is time, I believe, to re-energize this part of my life.


Tam Linsey said...

I'm excited to see this rebirth, Promo Partner!

Judith Ashley said...

RTG is responsible for this resurgence. I've learned so much and knowing how to schedule way out is a huge bonus.

Want to contact Ann and Jacqui about us writing an article on being Platform Partners for a year? I think we could come up with something useful to others. What do you think?

Judith who is having challenges with Google who keeps forgetting who I am!