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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One Of These Days!

One event every writer's conference I'm aware of has is a book signing. Published authors attending the Conference have the opportunity to meet their readers, sign books/book marks, sell more books (through the on site book seller which is a local book store), and have their pictures taken while signing a book, posing, or with a fan. The Conference promotes the authors and the general public is invited - nope, encouraged to attend.

Desert Dreams was no different.

Someone noticing me may have thought I wandered through the tables. The truth was very different. My Intention? Soak up the feeling of being at a book signing, imagine me sitting at a table, meeting my readers, signing my books/book marks, etc. One element of Intention is to see and feel yourself 'as if'. This book signing event manifested that opportunity for me.

Who did I decide to photograph?

Kris Tualla
Terri Molina
Genre-istas - Kris Tualla, Terri Molina

Genre-ista Alumni - Erin Kellison
Shelley Coriell
Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Genre-ista Guests

Shelley Coriell and

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Genre-ista Guest-to-be Barbara White Daille

Vijaya Schartz
Vijaya Schartz - I moderated her workshop
Ann Charles

Ann Charles - She and Jacquie Rogers are the reason I even have a blog in the first place.

Amy Jarecki - I met her through this blog and then in person at Desert Dreams.
Amy Jarecki

Here's what it looks like to be surrounded with your books. One of these days!

Here's what it looks like to be surrounded by people wanting to buy or have you sign your books. Another One Of These Days! photo

My Intention is to be a published author and attending Desert Dreams brought me closer to its manifestation.

© 2012 Judith Ashley


Tam Linsey said...

Nice photo gallery. I love putting faces to authors.

Judith Ashley said...

And as soon as Botanicaust is published, your face will be in my "I knew her when" phot gallery.

Thanks for stopping by, Tam!

Margaret Tanner said...

Great blog Judith. Liked your photo-gallery too. Nothing like holding your very first book in your hot little hand at a conference, almost as good as holding your first born child in your arms. Well, I am exaggerating a little, but you all know what I mean.



Linda Lovely said...

Enjoyed your photo gallery. I'm sure some other writer will picture you at your own table soon!

Jessa Slade said...

Live the dream!

Judith Ashley said...

LOL, Margaret - My son is almost 50years old and while I know I did hold him in my arms, and did feel a sense of awe and wonder, those memories have faded a bit to be replaced by feelings of joy when holding my granddaughters (who are now 22 and 16). Where does the time go!

Judith Ashley said...

Thank you, Linda. When it happens my prayer is the reality is even better than my imagination!

Judith Ashley said...

You are one of my Rose Inspirations, Jessa. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Glad Blogger or whatever was going on didn't block you.

Genene Valleau, writing as Genie Gabriel said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of the Desert Dreams conference, Judith! I went to this conference years ago and loved it!

And good for you for stepping into "as if"! I'm still practicing that. Sometimes it's difficult for me to set aside my doubts. But let me help you out by picturing me standing in line for your books. :)

Don't stop believing!

Judith Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by Genene. Having great imaginations is a big plus in all parts of the publishing I can easily see us at a book signing, supporting each other as the lines to buy our books grow longer and longer and longer.