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Monday, October 12, 2015

Intend Kindness: Support Other's Passion

Staying with the “Intend Kindness” theme of the past two weeks, I’ve one more suggestion along those lines.
Intend kindness by showing support to others who are manifesting their passion.

It may be a published author whose books you’ve read. Write a Review.

It may be a friend who is excited about an idea. Listen.

It may be a non-profit fund raiser for a cause you believe in. Share the News!

For several different reasons, I’ve had time to read this year. Here is a list of the books I’ve enjoyed and certainly recommend!!!

Paty Jager
The Halsey Brothers’ series
Secrets of a Mayan Moon (An Isabella Mumphrey mystery)
Double Duplicity (A Shandra Higheagle mystery)

Peggy Bird
Sparked by Love

Tracy Weber
Murder Strikes a Pose

Delilah Marvelle
Romancing Lady Stone

Christy Carlyle
Whitechapel Wagers series

Jim Roy
Champion of Choice

Stephen Skinner
Sacred Geometry

Susan Pesznecker
The Magickal Retreat: Making Time for Solitude, Intention and Rejuvenation

How am I following through with the other two suggestions?

I’m supporting a wonderful woman who has single handed started a non-profit “Beading the Odds” that works with juvenile males, teaching them how to bead. This has been life-changing for several of the young men because they are successful, develop a camaraderie with a caring non-staff adult and each other outside the regular routine of incarcerated life.

November 7 – 8 the Bead Society is hosting a Bead Bazaar in Portland, OR. Even if you aren’t a beader, think about stopping by and checking out the fantastic work of these young men. Meet Juanita and see passion at work.

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual practices that nurture the soul.

You can find Judith on Twitter: JudithAshley19

Check out Judith’s website here; her Windtree Press author page here.

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Judith Ashley said...

The Bead Bazaar is at Montgomery Park in Portland, OR.