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Monday, September 14, 2015

Bring Back Snail Mail

If you’re like me, the path from the mail box to the recycling bin is well-worn. Sometimes I don’t even bring the mail in for a day or two. Why?

Advertisements for one.

Magazines that come with memberships another.

Flyers and notices about events and opportunities in which I’ve no interest.

However, within the last two months, I’ve had a couple of surprises – surprises that had me smiling.


I had actual mail. Small envelopes with handwritten notes inside.

Reading them, reminded me of my trip to Ohio in May. On my friend’s desk were two handwritten notes from me. The notes were written on cards with spectacular pictures of the Pacific Ocean, a place that is dear to her heart.

Spend the money and buy a real stamp – it does make a difference. (I have a roll of stamps with hearts on them which is appropriate for a writer of romance!)

Bring a smile to someone’s face and a measure of joy to someone’s day. In this age of emails and text messages, the fact that you took the time to actually pick up a card, write a note, address the envelop and put a stamp on it makes your message even more potent.

Judith Ashley writes romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nourish the soul. The author of The Sacred Women’s Circle novels, Judith also has short stories in 3 Anthologies.

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Marcia King-Gamble said...

I love hand written notes. It's so much more personal than an e mail. A carefully worded note on stationery that's picked with me in mind, makes it even more special.

Sarah Raplee said...

There's nothing like an unexpected card or letter to put a smile on someone's face! They are always so appreciative.

Judith Ashley said...

Marcia and Sarah,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! What I like about the hand-written notes is they really don't take much time or money, especially when compared to the rewards of doing it which are awesome.