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Friday, November 18, 2016

My New Life - Birthday Celebrations

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

My new life is now over two weeks old. I’ve danced through my house, celebrating that it is once again “my space”. Oops! This post was due up Monday but I spaced thinking it was scheduled to publish. Sigh...added the picture and am publishing today (Friday). Will have a new post and picture on Monday. Thanks for understanding.

When I pick things up, they stay picked up. If there are dishes in the kitchen sink, they are my dishes. The only food in the house is food I eat (which is really good because I don’t always have the will-power to turn away from ice cream).

I’ve spent this past week picking up the bits and pieces that got dropped along the way.

My writing goals remain the same albeit altered because I’m not sure I can complete the final edits on Sophia and publish both Sophia and Gabriella; write four prequels and then publish the seven prequels along with creating my Author Newsletter, finalizing my new website – after all, there are less than sixty days left in the year.

Where I am right now is deciding on whether to change my author headshot. I’ve had several professional headshots done over the years. 

Last week’s blog post features one.

Today’s post has yet another option.

And, to make things even more interesting, I’ll be including more options the next two weeks.
On November 28th, I’ll include the last choice plus the previous pictures so you can tell me which one(s) you like best. That will become my head shot on my website and social media and future blog posts.

In the meantime, I’ve a birthday to celebrate!!!

Every day I do something special for myself—not just on my actual birthday or even my entire birthday month but one day for every year of my life! Believe me, should you choose to start this practice you may begin to see your birthdays in a whole new light.

FYI: It may be something as simple as spending the day in my nightgown and robe or perhaps extra personal reading time or a phone call to a friend I miss or haven’t talked to in a while. It isn’t about spending money on myself although I will admit a massage or pedicure is a wonderful gift. It is about making a conscious choice to give myself a gift.

What do you do to celebrate your birthday? Do you give suggestions about what you’d like to do? Or maybe gifts? Or are you someone who enjoys whatever other people come up with?

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