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Monday, November 28, 2016

My New Life - A New Image?

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

I’m twenty-eight days into celebrating my birthday today. Who knew it would be as challenging a month as it has turned out to be.

Initially I was euphoric because I had my house and life back. No one but me to be responsible for or to.

I’d also written the first two blog posts early in the month.

You’ll note that the second post was 5 days late being published because I was gob-smacked by the election results. Who knew?

My third post is about catching up. I’d gotten a bit scattered in my thinking, something that happens when I’ve overwhelmed.

And here we are on November 28th with the month almost over. I’ve spent time with best friends celebrating my actual day of birth. I’ve had many phone calls and well wishes. I’ve continued each day to find little ways to show myself unconditional love—the best gift of all.

I’m now ready to choose an image that reflects the new me. You’ve three options to choose from. Let me know in Comments which you like best.

All who comment will receive a copy of Lily if they leave contact information.

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Lauren James said...

Happy birthday, Judith. I'm glad you've had a lovely time celebrating with friends.

I think all of the photos are lovely, but my favorite is the middle one with the light background. I love that it's light and bright, and that we can see your eyes.

ElaineCharton said...

Happy Birthday, Judith! They are all great pictures but I like the first one. That is the face that comes to mind when I think of you.


Madelle Morgan said...

Hello Judith,

I was first drawn to the third photo because of the interesting lighting. I like the first one for regular promo and the third for when you want to appear magical and mysterious. :)

I'd love a copy of Lily. Thank you!


Vonnie Alto said...

Happy November Birthday,Judith!

I really like the first photo because you look youthful, engaging, and happy. Your smile lights up the photo which has great lighting!

Judith Ashley said...

Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate it. I'm in the process of setting up the system whereby I can easily get Lily to you. Look for an email from me next week with a link that will take you to the Download (epub or mobi). Comments are coming in on FB also. Will wait a few days and then tally things up. Again, Thank You for helping me out on this.