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Monday, July 4, 2016

House Totems

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

All last month I blogged about Personal Totems and Power Animals. This month I’m at least starting out talking about another Totem: A House Totem.
In Lily, Book One of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, the heroine, Lily, is sensitive to the energy of the land. Her house totem (the energy of the land her house is on) is a dragon. The hero’s house totem is the Great Horned Owl. Jackson Montgomery, the hero, purchased a statute of the owl when on a business trip. He could see it on the mantle in his home.

A friend of mine had a custom screen door made that incorporated a Great Blue Heron. She told me it just ‘felt right’. And I agreed. There was something about the energy surrounding the doorway that, even if you didn’t believe in house totems or the land having energies, you felt ‘something’.

One of my circle sisters asked me to intuit her house totem. I sat on the stairs just inside the front door and closed my eyes. I asked the house totem to show itself and several animals trooped by but a white buffalo stopped before traveling on. A little later another white buffalo walked across my mind’s eye from right to left. When the third white buffalo sauntered across my mental screen, I knew that was the totem.

Interested in finding out about your house totem?

Try these strategies:

If you meditate, ask your house totem to appear during a meditation session. The key is that the animal appear multiple times (at least three).

If you don’t meditate, find a quiet space in your house/yard. Relax and let your mind wander before asking your house totem to appear. Again look for multiple appearances.

If you aren’t sure, then do the exercise more than once. If it is your house totem it will come back.
Sometimes we know what our house totem is because it “just feels right” and the same thing goes for our personal totem or power animal.

However, guard against pride. Every animal has positive attributes. In Lily she sees the badger face on the fa├žade of the house. But the wife is not happy. She wanted something grander. After Lily explains what the badger signifies, she happily goes out to find it in picture, statute or other form.
Are you aware of the myriad personality assessment tools out there? Then you know that there is a place for every possible combination of characteristics.

Would you really want to live or work in an environment where everyone is the same? I know I wouldn’t.

And, if you have questions, just ask. I love to engage with readers of my books and this blog so please leave a comment with your thoughts about the topic of house totems and the energy of the land. If you have problems leaving a comment here, please email me through my website or leave a message for me on Twitter or FB and I'll answer you.

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