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Monday, May 8, 2017

Unconditional Acceptance

Judith is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual practices that nourish the soul and celebrates the journey from relationship to romance.

I hope you enjoyed last Monday’s post on Beltane. Now that we are a little further along in the month of May and a little further along the Wheel of the Year, I want to share some thoughts on Unconditional Acceptance.

Simply put ‘unconditional’ means without conditions or not limited in any way.

Acceptance means the act of accepting; the state of being accepted or acceptable. And ‘accept’ is defined as “to receive willingly”

How does that translate when considering the topic Unconditional Acceptance in relationships?

In a relationship we understand that the other people are doing the best they can under the circumstances, given their skill set, objectives, etc.

Unconditional Acceptance does not necessarily mean unconditional approval. Those are two different concepts.

I can understand and accept decisions others make without approving of them or supporting them.

When raising children, parents often build “approval” into the mix which means the children may not believe or feel they are accepted. They feel different from the rest of the family, disengaged or even an outcast.

Acceptance of another person as she or he is, without conditions, without limits is a gift. And, depending on our own values and upbringing, it isn’t necessarily easy—but it is necessary to a healthy and functioning relationship.

It is possible to accept a person “warts and all” and still have boundaries in terms of the relationship. Not necessarily easy.

You can accept a family member or friend who has an addiction problem and also have the boundary that you will not spend time with them if they are under the influence.

When Sophia Stewart sends out her flyer inviting women to her house to form a sacred women’s circle, there were more than double the number who remained forty-five days later.

The six women who continued to come and who are the heroines in the series came to the first meeting open to a new experience, open to looking at the world from a slightly or even very different point of view. They were willing to listen, to learn, to participate with an open mind.

They created their sacred women’s circle from that initial unconditional acceptance. They created spiritual practices individually and together. They created a haven where they each had the safety and freedom to express themselves through prayer and practice knowing they were unconditionally accepted by the others.

Where in your life are you unconditionally accepted?

Please leave a comment. I’m very interested in your perspective even if you disagree. 

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