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Monday, May 15, 2017

Unconditional Support

Judith is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual practices that nourish the soul and celebrates the journey from relationship to romance.
Unconditional Support is another foundational building block for a healthy relationship and in creating a sacred women’s circle. Again “unconditional” means without limits or strings. There are supports in physical structures that allow them to stand. If you watch programs on the Home and Garden Network (HGTV) you hear the term “supporting wall” which means that wall is helping to keep the house intact and without it, the house will cave in.
There is also financial support, technical support and emotional support to name a few.
Gimi, Lois, Connie = Unconditional Support
Parents support their children into adulthood.
Companies support their customers—and if they do a good job, their customers will come back time and time again.
People support causes and organizations that they believe in both through donations and volunteering.
One of the caveats in a sacred women’s circle is that when the talking stone (or in some traditions the talking stick) is passed around, the other members hold their silence. They listen but unless asked or given permission, do not speak up.
From my perspective that is a gift. To be able to talk, to speak one’s mind, to bare one’s soul in a place of unconditional acceptance and support is healing. Sometimes all we need to do is say the words out loud and we will see our own answers or we will feel better.
There comes a time in each of my books when the heroine receives the unconditional support of her circle sisters. One type of unconditional support comes in the form of “hovering” but the other more integral form is the knowledge that the other women are there. All it will take is a call, a reaching out and everyone will show up.

When Lily is in a disabling accident, The Circle rallies around making sure she and her home are taken care of.

When Elizabeth cannot see her way through her dilemma, The Circle rallies and assists her in finding her path so she can have Michael in Ireland and still belong to The Circle in Fremont.

When Diana dithers about divorcing her abusive husband and accepting the help and protection of Mathew, it is The Circle that shelters her and supports her until she sees her way clear.

When Ashley and her children are abandoned when she is dealing with recurrent breast cancer, again, The Circle and “the second string” step in.

When Hunter’s daughter, Logan, runs away, The Circle rallies around the distraught single mom, searches for the lost daughter and vets the newly discovered father.

When Gabriella’s efforts to heal from an abusive childhood are thwarted, The Circle is there offering unconditional love and support.

When Sophia’s fear of a future with Cam is exacerbated because of the death of her first husband, The Circle listens and shares perspectives that help her see a life with him.

In unconditionally supportive relationships, when we speak up and ask for what we need, if it is within the power of the others we are given it. Of course, as you will see when you read my books, sometimes the asking is the most difficult part of being in a relationship where there is Unconditional Support.

Where in your life do you receive Unconditional Support?

And if that isn’t present in your life, what would your life be life if it was?

Please leave a comment. I’m very interested in your perspective even if you disagree.

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