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Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Covers

My book covers have been created by the talented Christy Caughie of Gilded Heart Designs. However, Christy is also a Victorian romance author with Avon and has made the decision to no longer create book covers.

My loss, readers’ gain.

However, Christy is finishing The Sacred Women’s Circle series covers to my delight and relief!

I posted at Romancing The Genres on book covers and setting.

Today I’m talking about subtle design elements in book covers. Not that I’m an expert or anything but with the input of my friend and graphic designer, Lois Regn, I think my covers are special.

Why? Because my covers have subtle messages mixed with the stronger heroine image. Overlays—muted images overlaying the stronger background/setting picture. is one. These overlays are connected to the sub-title of each book.

I talk about the other subtle image in my Romancing The Genres post so check it out. You may win a copy of one of these books.

Lily’s subtitle is “The Dragon and The Great Horned Owl.”

Elizabeth’s is “The Lady and The Sacred Grove.”

I’m sure you can figure out Diana’s if you've heard of The Tarot. And The Tarot plays a major role in Diana finding her path to happiness.

Ashley’s is “├Éragonflies and Dreams.”

Hunter’s is “The Dancer and The Drum.”

Gabriella’s subtitle is “Chaos and Symmetry” and involves sacred geometry. I don’t have that cover ready to show you (hopefully in March) but I have found a picture of an urn sitting on a railing, the sea behind it.

Next week I'll show you the pictures I'm considering for the overlays in Gabriella and Sophia. And look for the unveiling of those covers later this month or in March.

Sophia’s working subtitle is “Begin and End.” I know what I mean by that but it may be more difficult to build into overlays on that book’s cover. Sophia sent out the flyer that brought these women together to create a Sacred Women’s circle. She has experienced the highs and lows of life during the stories of the other women. I know her story – just not sure of the subtitle.

Stay tuned!

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