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Monday, October 3, 2016

Glasser Wisdom: My Plan Is

Glasser Wisdom: My Plan Is

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women’s Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul. She is also on the Senior Teaching Faculty of The William Glasser Institute.

Dr. William Glasser first came to notice in the 1960’s due to his work at the Ventura School for Girls and the backwards of the V.A. Hospital in Los Angeles. I heard of Dr. Glasser in the late 60’s but it was 1978 before I took my first Basic Intensive Training. To learn more about this remarkable man’s life, I encourage you to read “Champion of Choice” by Jim Roy.

We’ve explored good and bad judgement and understand that “Useless Judgement” can and does negatively impact our lives. If you paid attention to your negative self-talk you’ve identified useless judgement in your life.

Here’s how to take control of Useless Judgement.

Write down the negative self-talk you’ve identified.

Rate each on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 having the most negative impact.

Rank them in order starting with the ‘5’s’ and working your way down to the 1’s.

Look at the 5’s. Which one do you want to work on first?

Let’s say you pick

“I suck at technology. I can’t even use my smart phone well. I’m always hitting the wrong button and hanging up on people.”

This is a useless judgement you have total control over. So, what’s your plan?

You may now see “I suck at technology” and say “I don’t want to spend any time working on this. It really isn’t that important.”

Change the number.

Is it now a 1 or 2? Maybe a 3?

Next is “I’m too critical of myself. I’m constantly telling myself something is too hard or I can’t do it.”

This one is a bit vague. But if you don’t want to get more specific, you can still work on it as it is.

Thank yourself for doing something right
What can you say or do when you hear yourself being critical of you? Saying something is too hard and that you can’t do it?

Use your creativity. Imagine what your life would be like, how you would view yourself if this theme of negative self-talk was eliminated or at least greatly reduced?

If you appreciated the work you do?

If this is too challenging for you to deal with on your own, where can you turn for help?

A close caring compassionate friend?

A counselor?

I always recommend people read Dr. Glasser’s books to help stir their imaginations into finding their answers.

What’s important to take from this series of posts is
1.       The only person’s behavior you can control is your own.
2.       If you want your life to be different, only you can make that happen.
3.     Taking each item that negatively affects you (one at a time) and making a plan to do things differently works.

You may choose to seek professional help, you may choose to work alone, you may choose to join a group with similar issues.

By making a plan and following through, you will (I’m fairly sure) notice a shift in the direction you want to go.

Caveat: negative self-talk is powerful and when we want to make changes and eliminate or reduce it, expect an upsurge. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that this is a Useless Judgement whose time has come and it doesn’t want to leave. Wish it well and let it go.

Remember: Your Choices Today Create Your Tomorrow or keeping with the language we’ve been using Your Judgements Today Create Your Tomorrow.

Judge well.

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