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Monday, October 24, 2016

Creating Sacred Space

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

And I paraphrase: One creative process deserves another.

Not only do I surround my computer with various stones for creative and inspirational energy, I have my computer set up so with a slight turn of my head to the right I look out into my backyard. I pay particular attention to that part of the yard I can easily see from my chair.

But that isn’t all I do to create sacred space in my office where I write. I have my Abraham Hicks perpetual calendar that I read each morning for reminders and inspiration.

Here are some items that I see whenever I walk into my officeThey are to the right of my computer on a shelf over my printer.

Candle made by my best friend and selenite lamp
Crystal gift, candle I made and selenite lamp.

Books I use for inspiration and research are to the left of my computer along with two large stones that act as bookends: rose quartz and lavender quartz.

Feather and bling arrangement
Behind my computer monitor is a fantastic collection of peacock feathers, some natural and some with glitter, with three mirrored stems and two ostrich feathers. When the sun comes through the window behind me in the winter and hits the mirrored teardrop shapes, rainbows sprinkle the walls.

I find this beautiful arrangement made up of feathers I’ve collected in different places as well as some elements that were decorations on baskets I’ve won at writer’s conferences to be touched with romance.

I write romantic fiction or main stream fiction with a strong romantic element. My books also have a strong spiritual theme that runs through each book. By mixing spiritual and romantic elements in my writing space, I support my creative self.

How do you support your creative self in the physical space where you write?

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