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Monday, October 31, 2016

More Creating Sacred Space

Judith Ashley is the author of The Sacred Women's Circle series, romantic fiction that honors spiritual traditions that nurture the soul.

I’m writing this post two weeks before you’ll read it. It will be published on October 31, 2016.
Ross quartz crystal with owl and a variety of stones 

Some of you will be celebrating Halloween.

Some of you will be celebrating All Hallows Eve.

And still others of you will be celebrating Samhain (SawWen).

I will be spending time alone in the dark as the Wheel of the Year turns. Why “in the dark”? Because I will not have my porch light on or welcome trick or treaters. I stopped doing that several years ago when I was paying for my granddaughter’s dental work. Why am I giving out candy? What can I do different?

What I came up with was handing out money. For me, that meant pennies. (I live in a destination neighborhood where parents bring their children). The little ones (pre-school or maybe first/second grade were delighted. The older ones (middle school and high school, not so much). That’s when I decided to go dark.

In my Sacred Women’s Circle Series, I write about the eight Sabbats (or sacred days) in the pagan Wheel of the Year. For many believers of earth based spirituality, Samhain is the beginning of the new year. I’m one who celebrates Winter Solstice or Yule as the beginning of the Turn of the Wheel.

But I digress to some extent.

Sacred space can be anywhere you want it to be especially if that space draws you to it. What that means is the energy of that space is a good match for you. Should you desire, you can expand on that initial feeling and add items that inspire you.

If you don’t have an outside view as I do, consider hanging pictures of places that draw you in. Places you’ve been or always wanted to travel to. I did that when I worked in a job where my space was a cubicle. By surrounding myself with pictures and stones that had meaning to me, I created a sacred space that did not offend anyone around me.

Consider what you might add to your work space, your writing space, your living space if you wanted to amplify loving, positive, creative energy. There is no right or wrong answer as Elizabeth explains to young women she meets while in Ireland. It really is all about what looks and feels right (physically and emotionally) to you.

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